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Welcome to Hindi Tv (the "Site").

This statement governs our privacy policies with relation to those users of the location ("Visitors") WHO visit while not 
transacting business and guests WHO register to interact business on the location and creative use of the assorted services offered by hindi tv (collectively, "Services") ("Authorized Customers").

"Personally recognizable Information" 
refers to any info that identifies or are often wont to determine, contact, or find the person to whom such info pertains in person.
or demographic info not connected to associate degree known individual.

What in person recognizable info is collected? 
We might collect basic user profile info from all of our guests. we have a tendency to collect the subsequent extra info from our licensed Customers: the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of licensed Customers, the character and size of the business, and also the nature and size of the advertising inventory that the licensed client intends to get or sell.

What organizations square measure assembling the information? 
WHO might offer such services as credit, insurance, and written agreement services might collect this info from our guests and licensed Customers. we have a tendency to don't management however these third parties use such info, however, we have a tendency to do raise them to disclose however they use personal info provided to them from guests and licensed Customers. a number of these third parties is also intermediaries that act entirely as links within the distribution chain, and don't store, retain, or use the knowledge given to them.

How will the location used in person recognizable Information?
We use in person recognizable info to customize the location, to form acceptable service offerings, and to meet shopping for and marketing requests on the location. we have a tendency to might email guests and licensed Customers concerning analysis or purchase and marketing opportunities on the location or info associated with the topic matter of the location. we have a tendency to may additionally use in person recognizable info to contact guests and licensed Customers in response to specific inquiries, or to supply requested info. 

With whom might the knowledge is also shared?
Personally recognizable info concerning licensed Customers is also shared with different licensed Customers WHO would like to judge potential transactions with different licensed Customers. we have a tendency to might share aggregative info concerning our guests, as well as the demographics of our guests and licensed Customers, with our related agencies and third-party vendors. we have a tendency to conjointly provide the chance to "opt out" of receiving info or being contacted by the USA or by any agency working on our behalf. 

How is in person recognizable info stored?
Personally, recognizable info collected by hindi tv is firmly kept and isn't accessible to 3rd parties or staff of hindi tv apart from use as indicated on top of.  TrafficAgentServer one.01 

Are Cookies Used on the Site?
we have a tendency to use Cookies to get info concerning the preferences of our guests and also the services they choose. we have a tendency to conjointly use Cookies for security functions to guard our licensed Customers. as an example, if a licensed client is logged on and also the web site is unused for over ten minutes, we are going to mechanically log the licensed client off.

How will Hindi tv use login information? 
hindi tv uses login info, including, however not restricted to, information processing addresses, ISPs, and browser sorts, to research trends, administer the location, track a user's movement and use, and gather broad demographic info.

What partners or service suppliers have access to in-person recognizable info from guests and/or licensed Customers on the Site?
hindi tv has entered into and can still enter into partnerships and different affiliations with a variety of vendors.
Such vendors might have access to binding in person recognizable info on a requirement to grasp the basis for evaluating licensed Customers for service eligibility. 
Disclosure of in-person recognizable info to fits law. we are going to disclose in person recognizable info so as to fits a writ or subpoena or asking from an enforcement agency to unleash info. we are going to conjointly disclose in person recognizable info once moderately necessary to guard the protection of our guests and licensed Customers. 

How will the location keep in person recognizable info secure?
The in-person recognizable info of our guests and licensed Customers are merely accessible to a restricted range of qualified staff WHO square measure given a secret so as to realize access to the knowledge. we have a tendency to audit our security systems and processes on an everyday basis. Sensitive info, like MasterCard numbers or Social Security numbers, is protected by encoding protocols, in situ to guard info sent over the web. whereas we have a tendency to take commercially cheap measures to take care of a secure web site, electronic communications and databases square measure subject to errors, meddling, and break-ins, and that we cannot guarantee or warrant that such events won't occur and that we won't be prone to guests or licensed Customers for any such occurrences. 

How will guests correct any inaccuracies in person recognizable Information?
Visitors and licensed Customers might contact USA to update in person recognizable info concerning them or to correct any inaccuracies by emailing the USA at 

Can a traveler delete or deactivate in person recognizable info collected by the Site?
We provide guests and licensed Customers with a mechanism to delete/deactivate in person recognizable info from the Site's info by contacting However, due to backups and records of deletions, it should be not possible to delete a Visitor's entry while not retentive some residual info. a personal WHO requests to possess in person recognizable info deactivated can have this info functionally deleted, and that we won't sell, transfer, or use in person recognizable info with reference to that individual in any means moving forward. 

What happens if the Privacy Policy Changes?
We will let our guests and licensed Customers understand changes to our privacy policy by posting such changes on the location. However, if we have a tendency to square measure dynamic  our privacy policy during a manner which may cause speech act of in-person recognizable info that a traveler or licensed client has antecedently requested not be disclosed, we are going to contact such traveller or licensed client to permit such traveller or licensed client to forestall such speech act. 

This computing device contains links to different websites. Please note that once you click on one in all these links, you're moving to a different computing device. we have a tendency to encourage you to browse the privacy statements of those connected sites as their privacy policies might dissent from ours.


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